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In today's scientific environment recognition, grants and promotions are increasingly linked to publications in peer-reviewed journals and it has become essential to become a savvy navigator of the publication process. But publishing of scientific results should be seen as more than a necessary evil, but as the essence of participating in the scientific endeavor.

This course is designed to make the world of scientific journals more transparent and to help the participants to avoid common pitfalls of scientific writing. Topics covered will include:

  • - What journals look for
  • - The parts of a scientific paper and how to compose them
  • - Tips for writing for scientific journals
  • - How to design figures
  • - How to deal with positive and negative feedback.

The course will include many exercises, including analyses of published papers, writing exercises and an in-depth discussion of abstracts written by the participants.

The target audience for the course are all scientists that want to improve their writing skills and increase their knowledge of publication process.

To make the exercises in the course as relevant as possible for you, please bring an example paper from your field and an abstract you have written yourself to the course.

The course language is English.

Durchführung und Dauer:

Mittwoch, 03.02.2021: 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr und
Donnerstag, 04.02.2021: 09:00 bis 16.30 Uhr
ONLINE mit dem Videokonferenzsystem Zoom


Dr. Markus Elsner, Senior Editor Nature Biotechnology


03.02.2021 - 04.02.2021

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